Volcano Emoji Quiz

The aim of the game is simple, work out which volcanoes are represented by the emoji shown. Some of them are hopefully quite straight-forward, others are more obscure. (Answers are at the bottom) I first put this quiz out on Twitter, and withheld the answers so no one had their attempts ruined by possible spoilers.Continue reading “Volcano Emoji Quiz”

Volcanoes, hazards and community engagement

I have recently(ish) returned from two weeks of fieldwork in Ecuador and Colombia. These two countries are threatened by¬†a variety of different volcanic hazards (and seismic hazards, too, of course), and this was the motivation for our trip. The visit was part of the STREVA project – an¬†interdisciplinary research project combining volcanologists and social scientists.Continue reading “Volcanoes, hazards and community engagement”

Science Snap (#33): Earth Science Week

(Originally posted on the Between a Rock blog) Earth Science Week is an international initiative to promote the great work that goes on in the geoscience community. It encompasses a huge range of topics; from dinosaurs to glaciers, and volcanoes to meteorites. There’s something for everybody. For an overview of how geoscience can have aContinue reading “Science Snap (#33): Earth Science Week”