LaTeX Thesis Template

This PhD thesis template met the standard requirements for the University of Bristol in 2015, but may be adaptable for other universities and any updated requirements with a few tweaks here and there (check your individual guidelines!).

The zip file with all the thesis template contents is available here.


Folder: PhD_Thesis_Template (the main folder)

– Thesis_Template.tex (main file for compiling: essential)
– custom_commands.tex (to include your own custom commands: optional)
– uob_crest.png (to make the front cover look nice)

Folder: Chapter_1 (tidy sub-folders)
– chapter_intro.tex (individual chapter file: essential)

Folder: Chapter_2 (tidy sub-folders)
– chapter_science.tex (individual chapter file: essential)

Folder: Chapter_3 (tidy sub-folders)
– chapter_conclusions.tex (individual chapter file: essential)


WARNING: This advice was written in 2015, and has not been updated since. Some of it may be outdated with subsequent updates to LaTeX compiling software.

1. When you compile the document, you only need to typeset the Thesis_Template.tex file, the chapters won’t typeset individually as they are input with the \include command.
2. Good folder and file structure will make your life much easier.
3. Use a single bibliography file for the entire thesis, and call it at the end of the Thesis_Template.tex file.
4. When labelling chapters, sections, figures, tables, etc., make sure you don’t repeat names or the compiler will get confused.
5. Likewise, don’t put spaces into file/folder names or paths.
6. Remember to typeset multiple times when you want to refresh the contents page, or when referencing sections.