LaTeX Thesis Template

This thesis template meets the standard requirements for the University of Bristol, but may be adaptable for other universities with a few tweaks here and there (check your individual guidelines!).

The zip file with all the thesis template contents is available here.


Folder: PhD_Thesis_Template (the main folder)

– Thesis_Template.tex (main file for compiling: essential)
– custom_commands.tex (to include your own custom commands: optional)
– uob_crest.png (to make the front cover look nice)

Folder: Chapter_1 (tidy sub-folders)
– chapter_intro.tex (individual chapter file: essential)

Folder: Chapter_2 (tidy sub-folders)
– chapter_science.tex (individual chapter file: essential)

Folder: Chapter_3 (tidy sub-folders)
– chapter_conclusions.tex (individual chapter file: essential)


1. When you compile the document, you only need to typeset the Thesis_Template.tex file, the chapters won’t typeset individually as they are input with the \include command.
2. Good folder and file structure will make your life much easier.
3. Use a single bibliography file for the entire thesis, and call it at the end of the Thesis_Template.tex file.
4. When labelling chapters, sections, figures, tables, etc., make sure you don’t repeat names or the compiler will get confused.
5. Likewise, don’t put spaces into file/folder names or paths.
6. Remember to typeset multiple times when you want to refresh the contents page, or when referencing sections.