I have experience working with the media across TV, radio and digital journalism. This experience has related to coverage of real-time volcanic and other geoscience events, as well as stories related to my published research. Feel free to contact me for any future media requests.

Following the publication of one of my research projects in 2016 I was invited to a live TV interview with BBC World News (and a global audience of over 500 million people), and various radio interviews in the UK and USA. The story was also picked up by numerous online news outlets, many of whom requested comments via email or phone.

A screenshot from my live TV interview.
A screenshot (hence the confused look 😆) from my live TV interview in 2016.

During the January 2020 eruption of Taal volcano in the Philippines I was again interviewed live on BBC World News. This followed a number of radio interviews in December 2019 following the deadly eruption of White Island volcano in New Zealand.

Another screenshot from a live TV interview in 2020.