Current Research Projects

This page details some of my current research projects. If you’re interested to find out more then contact me. If you have ideas and/or would like to collaborate on these projects, or similar/complementary projects, please also get in touch.

Reconciling eruption timescales and volcanic unrest at Aira caldera and Sajurajima volcano, Japan

Sakurajima is Japan’s most active volcano, situated on the southern rim of Aira caldera, on the island of Kyushu. Regular small eruptions belie the volcano’s fierce past, including regular Plinian eruptions, the latest of which in 1914 killed 58 people and caused widespread flooding. This ambitious project aims to combine insights from geophysical and geochemical monitoring with those from igneous petrology to unravel the processes dictating eruption size and style, and link them to precursory monitoring signals for improved eruption forecasting. The work is carried out alongside scientists from the Sakurajima Volcano Research Centre, part of the University of Kyoto, and uses a range of multi-disciplinary techniques.

Eruption time.

Surface deformation and volcanic unrest at Soufriere Hills volcano, Montserrat

Soufriere Hills volcano sprang back to life in 1995, and has been periodically active since then with cycles of quiescence and eruption. These cycles are well matched with geochemical and geophysical indicators of unrest, including surface deformation. In collaboration with the Montserrat Volcano Observatory we are investigating past and present deformation episodes to explore the evolution of the magmatic system and magma supply. We have a number of sub-projects including:

  • The possible interplay of magma supply and viscoelastic crustal behaviour defining current ongoing surface inflation;
  • The role of eruptive deposit loading on localised surface deflation;
  • How numerical modelling can help to optimise GPS network design.
Trying to see the summit from the helicopter!

I presented some preliminary results of this project at the 2021 VMSG Annual meeting. My quick 1 minute flash talk can be viewed below: