Volcano Emoji Quiz

The aim of the game is simple, work out which volcanoes are represented by the emoji shown. Some of them are hopefully quite straight-forward, others are more obscure. (Answers are at the bottom)

I first put this quiz out on Twitter, and withheld the answers so no one had their attempts ruined by possible spoilers.

Unfortunately, the different emoji viewers make some of them even more difficult, but this is the view I had while I was putting the quiz together (in case that allows anyone to get a couple more guesses in):









  1. Yellowstone [Yellow stone]
  2. Aira [Eye Ra(t)]
  3. Shishaldin [Shhh al din(ner)]
  4. White Island [well I wan’t going to try Whakaari]
  5. Three Sisters [Obviously :)]
  6. Mt Baker [Mountain baker]
  7. Redoubt [Read doubt]
  8. Stromboli [Str(ong) Ball e]
  9. Mt St Helens [Mountain Saint Hell ens]
  10. Aso [Ass o]
  11. Popocatepetl [Pop o cat e petal]
  12. Santorini [Santa Rin(g) i]
  13. Fogo [Fog O]
  14. Vulcano [I’m not explaining that one… ;)]
  15. Cotopaxi [Coat O P Axe I]
  16. Agung [A gun]
  17. Erebus [Error bus]
  18. Grimsvotn [Grim voting]
  19. Sanguy [Sand guy]
  20. Katla [Cat la]
  21. Kilauea [Killer Weigh-er]
  22. Lascar [Lass car]
  23. Okmok [OK m OK]
  24. Rabaul [Ra(t) ball]
  25. Rainier [Rain ear]

Published by James Hickey

Volcanologist | Sportsman | Blogger @Between_a_Rock | Sci Comm & Outreach | PostDoc @UOBEarthScience | Outdoor Enthusiast | Geophysicist | @VUELCO_Project

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